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Zoo Photographer of the Year 2012 Winners Feature


Congratulations to the winners of the  2012 Zoo Photographer of the year!

I have to say there was so many AMAZING entries and these photographers deserve it. Very talented. All of them!

1st - :iconmorho:
still on guard by morho

2nd - :icondarksoul4life:
Cuddling Cuties by darkSoul4Life

Best Action Shot - :icondeeotter:  
Otter Squabble by DeeOtter

Best Portrait - :iconfriendfrog:
A Real Basilisk by FriendFrog

Best Moment - :icontiefenschaerfe:
Got it! by Tiefenschaerfe

Best Endangered Species - :iconmisty-dawn:
Really REALLY Thinking by Misty-Dawn

Honorable Mentions:

Face to face by PROfotoEUSerenade by 8TwilightAngel8
In the Twinkling of an Eye by LydiaRhianneGoing on a dance by wolfenphotographyleopard454 by redbeard31
party was great, but I'm so tired now ... by morhoGecko by PassionAndTheCameraRed head bird by DeeOtter
:thumb316530069:Last chance to see... by White-VoodooSouthern Cassowary by darkSoul4Life
Kiss Zebra? by sirena-pireyJudge and Jury by SilkenWinds

Entries Can be seen here: zoo-photographers.deviantart.c…

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Alright, so every year I make goals or write down things I want to do then see how many I managed to accomplished. So far since I started doing it while in college (admittedly 5 years ago) I have managed to get more and more things done on my new list each year. I thought this year I would share some of the things I wanted to do... so maybe I'll inspire you or to push myself further.

- Brush Teeth after every meal
- Floss every day (not just randomly)
- Portion control my meals, smaller plates = smaller portions, no seconds, etc.
- Continue not eating/drinking: Soda (2 years now), No Alfredo or Chinese food (1 year now)
- Give up Fried Food completely (Except for Chicken Wings)
- Give up Candy and Sweets and that crapola
- Stop saying the "F" word

- Enter the NYS Fair Photography Contest (Aug)
- Enter the Rosamond Gifford Zoo Photography Contest (Jan)
- Enter the Beaver Lake Photography Contest (Jun-Aug)
- Complete a Novel (Don't put it off until Nanowrimo either)
- Get a Daily Deviation on Deviantart
- Make a stock account on Deviantart
- Make a movie/book blog and update it weekly at least (…)
- Read 60 New Books, (Specific Books that must be read/reread: Jane Eyre, the Bible, Gone with the Wind, Wuthering Heights, Hobbit, Les Miserables. Add me on Goodreads if you want to see what I read:…
- Watch the 100 Greatest Movies of all time (according to American Film Institute…)
- Visit a new Zoo (Stone Zoo? :D?)
- Hike an Adirondack High Peak
- Get my Pistol Permit

Running/Exercise Goals
- Lose 45lbs and get down to 110 lbs.
- Prepare my body for the Zombie Apocalypse (AKA be able to use a weapon, climb trees, reach the extra inch if I were pinned down fending off a zombie, hang off a cliff without using my feet for a decent chunk of time  so that someone can save me before I fall, etc.)
- Run the following races: Midwinter Blues 5K (Feb), Shamrock Run 6.4K (Mar), DAR 5K (Apr), MT Goat 3K (May), Komen Race 5K (May), Paige's Butterfly Run 5K (Jun), Run for Violets (Jun), Teal There's a Cure 5K (Jul), Boilermaker 5K (Tentative based on Vacation, Jul), The Great Race (Tentative if I can get a team together, Aug), ARC 5K (Sept), Turkey Trot 5K (maybe 10K, Nov), and It's a Wonderful Run 5K (Dec)
- Run a 5K in under 25 minutes
- Participate in the Iron Girl Triathlon (I'm still not sure I want to attempt this, thoughts?)

- Do not turn down a single sub job
- Inspire my students
- Make sure when they leave they remember me
- Do well on my SLOs (State requirements for teacher evaluation)
- Get to school earlier
- Make my lessons more interesting/engaging/better

Growing Up (AKA might not complete this year but will try)
- Pay off a student loan ($5,000 minimum to cross this off)
- Save $4,000
- Buy a House/Move Out
- Get a fluffy puppy or kitty of my own
Hello my friends!

Just wanted to say Happy Holidays! I hope yours are filled with wonderful people, presents, pets, or whatever else can make you happy. :love:


SnazzyPhotography held a Monochrome Contest and I told them I would feature the winners, here they are! :+fav: their lovely work, and check out their galleries!

First Place is a2star with "An undisclosed desire"

An undisclosed desire by a2star

Other works:

All good things come to an end. by a2starAll rise by a2star
Mister Sunshine by a2starS P L A S H by a2star

Second Place is silverwing-sparrow with "Up"

Up by silverwing-sparrow

Other works:

Mark by silverwing-sparrowSprout by silverwing-sparrow
Evening Road by silverwing-sparrowSafari by silverwing-sparrow

Third Place is kozyafffka with "my wedding"

my wedding by kozyafffka

Other works:

The Snow Queen by kozyafffkamy wedding by kozyafffka
Soviet grunge by kozyafffka2 by kozyafffka

Honorable Mention

"Lil girl" by OlivierAccart
Lil girl by OlivierAccart

"On The Edge" by BokehLight

"a fiery throng of muted angels" by panna-phi
a fiery throng of muted angels. by panna-phi

All contest entries can be found here: snazzyphotography.deviantart.c…

Thank you!

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Ah the life of a teacher, naturally my immune system is strong, but not strong enough this year. I have been icky ill the past week, hence my nonexistence on this site. So to catch up I thought I'd do a journal post.

Whoever gave me a 3 month membership THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :love: I really appreciate it since mine was going to run out and I haven't had room in my budget to renew because of Christmas. I am so thankful.

Anyways, I shall be getting back to everyone who left comments, it just might take me awhile. Hope everyones well... one more week of school then break!


These are some excellent photos from the group Save-the-tiger.
This is an amazing group, if you are not a member I highly recommend you join, especially if you want updates on tiger related news.
I wish everyone a wonderful week and hope you enjoy the feature! :blowkiss:

The True King Of The Jungle by Cluke111
Amur Tiger - Kyra by Shadow-and-Flame-86teeth! by my5tery
Tigertiger by EmmaAndClaudeI'm a Tiger and I Want to Eat You by CRGPhotographyTiger Snack by Lupinicious
Oh God... Why Does Water Wet ? by darkcalypsoto go for a swim by werramHey there by SvenimalCatch a tiger by the... what!? by MonsterBrand
Tigerliebe by BovecPerspective Yawn by DeeOtterAmur tiger by Bormi
Tiger II by RemusSirionAmur Tiger Twin by papatheo
AMUR TIGER Stock by PictureByPaliLooking Regal by 8TwilightAngel8
Ferocious Tiger by Sketching-SketchesTiger on the snow 10 by Jagu77Time to Sleep by Eltasia
Tiger Dip by TVD-PhotographyEmerald Eyed Beauty by Velvet-PawTiger Stare by DanielleMinerI can be angry by NB-Photo
Sumatran Tiger i by weaverglennBengal Tiger by StolzerPower by FantasticFennec
Predator by SpikedPyroNosey by HeWhoWalksWithTigers:thumb252422149:
Target Acquired by nordynzBundle of Love by Eltasia
Siberian Tiger (018) - whiskers by SikarisIs That the Can Opener? by soyrwooSwamp-Tiger by x-crossroad
3780 - White tiger by Jay-CoRare Specimen by RoxMadtiger by Yair-LeibovichSumatran tiger: amber eyes... by woxys
White Tiger by JaymeeLSSo Serious by Velvet-Pawtiger project in bw by TlCphotography730Tiger 22 by Alannah-Hawker
Gaze of  white tiger by Jagu77
mighty yawn by LizziesphotosWhite Tiger Yawning by NawalAckermann

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Hello everyone!

Personal Journal not a feature, although it is on my to do list to do a feature I've just been so busy.

I've had quite the day I just had to post if not for a little sympathy then to rant. I'll start out by saying, it really wasn't horrible and I know that, but it still was exhausting. It has been tiring to say the least.

I went to school and had to deal with an irate parent who thinks my job is to do the work for their son. News flash: teachers teach not do the work for the student that is their job. Very frustrating, especially when I bend over backwards making it easy for this student to make up work, extend deadlines, only to have them fail because they are lazy. UGHHHH.

Then on my way to my second job of the day (office type job) I witnessed an accident which was horrible. Seven police cars, ambulances, firetrucks the whole shebang. No one died though which is good.

THEN on the way home from my second job onto my third job of the day (babysitting over night while this girl's mother is out of town.... I've been doing this since Monday) I got pulled over for speeding... sigh. No ticket but still. Ugh. Then when I told my friend she was pissed because I got out of it and she didn't get out of hers awhile back.... really?

Then I spent 3 hours at the girl I was babysitting's dance. Kudos to people who procreate. I don't plan on wasting my time heeding to my child's every need AKA dance or another sport 5 times a week, 25 minute drive out of the way (50 minutes total driving) ridiculous.

OH AND when I got home I have to work on my lesson plan for tomorrow, I dropped my computer twice, I NEVER DO THAT!!! thank god it still works.

Like I said... I'm just having such a day...<3
I went to the Utica Zoo on Saturday and went to the Buffalo Zoo today but I have to admit I'm somewhat disappointed... It ended up pouring more than being actually decent weather for both days... Lots of animals were not out. I am supposed to go to work tomorrow but I might go to the zoo near me instead... Bad me, I know but so tempting.

So anyways I'm stealing this idea from SilverVulpine, take a look at the lists of animals and comment requests for photos of certain animals! Mammals -…, Birds -…, Amphibians & Reptiles -…, Fishes -…, and Invertebrates -…

How is everyone doing?

These are hilarious pictures I've discovered. They made me literally laugh out loud so I wanted to share...

What? by MissLoony
OMGLookALeg by SorrenFey

And these are some of my lovely watchers (I wish I could feature you all) :D PLEASE check out their galleries. These are literally the tip of the iceberg of their amazingness!

Warning call by LizziesphotosWatching the days by Lizziesphotos
Want's the grass by LizziesphotosQueen of snow by Lizziesphotos
Bess by darkSoul4LifeLynxes by darkSoul4Life

Five O'Clock Somewhere by cindy1701dLazy Days by cindy1701d
Bright Eyes by cindy1701dThe Young Prince by cindy1701d

I wish everyone a wonderful week :blowkiss:

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A feature from me has been LONG overdue!!! :shakefist:

I've been collecting enough, so here are some works I've :+fav:ed in the last couple weeks. Please, please comment, favorite, and watch these artists! They are truly amazing and their gallery's have so much more to offer if you just take a look!

Also, :+fav: this article to help it get more exposure! Thank you all for looking :love:

:typerhappy: I've been looking at purchasing a new lens but have also been playing with the idea of getting a new body too (or instead).... I'd really like to upgrade my gear. I currently use the Nikon D5000 which has been working for me great. I usually have my AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-ED Lens on. Does anyone have any recommendations?
Hello Everyone!

Been awhile since I did a feature! I know I enjoyed these photos I hope you do too.

:+fav: away and check out their galleries! They are some wonderful photographers! Worth faving, watching, and viewing.

If you like the art feature be sure to :+fav: the article to help it get some exposure <3

Watch Tower by Nyla-Cat See the sky by KarolinaHabiel horse #44 by imtl
White-bellied sea eagle by Atjilpa Behind Amber eyes by RoxiLolaphotography
slumber by A-jean Momma Amur by ariseandrejoice Sea lion III by xGipsyx Cat. by wytuszowana
wHITE vULTURE by NENE00 Heron by RawPoetry
:thumb289457974: Magpie of the day by phalalcrocorax I'm exhausted by NB-Photo

:thumb291827340: :thumb295618918:

How dare You? by darkSoul4Life Hungry Eyes by cherrykiiss En Face by thrumyeye

8654 by Schizonka :thumb295623699: Un apres midi memorable IV by Suave-Illusion
Aga II by romanball Here comes the Lady of Spring III by cherrilady open up your eager eyes by Malvina-Frolova
Mistress v.4 by bwaworga The dark side of the moon by OceansOfLove

:thumb295663448: 64 by staceyclarkephoto Miss Kate by namimosa
:thumb295649289: :thumb295628597:

Mature Content

Rachael 2 by gsphoto

T.P.   II by jodeviant Seconds by vdstyle fire zone by lavandaria Stephany~ by imwd

ID by johngiannis27 :thumb294816368: Daydreaming by Oanilicious

Rainbow at Niagara Falls by WorldsInWorld In April by MarcoHeisler

primroses. by simoendli 0301 by Somebody--else :thumb291174011:
Beauty In Nature by Birthstone :thumb288371736:

starfishes by cacsb911

Previous Features:…………………

So, as some of you may have noticed I've uploaded a couple non-zoo animals recently... all of domestic cats. No I'm not a cat hoarder, none of them are actually mine (nor are they their real names... just what I decided to name them) but I thought I'd share my collection (mainly due to procrastination) and explain a little more.

There is this running joke in my circle of family and friends about my house being the center point of all the cats in the neighborhood. For some reason they all seem to migrate and wander around our property. I live in a development, so there are a lot of houses around... but we have frequent visitors and when talking to the neighbors, it seems they frequent our house more.

So, my theory is my cat is running an illegal brothel under our back porch but it's just a theory :shrug:.

In my boredom I came up with the brilliant idea to start photographing them (Mainly because I think my friends all though I was lying when I talk about the seven cats that come around my house on a daily basis). I also added a collections of bios for each cat, based on what I see... I let me imagination run free :squee:.

These aren't really :+fav: worthy photos in my opinion, just more point and shoot. But thank you for those who have :+fav:ed them! Haha. Cat-lover-suckers is what you are!

Orange Juice
Orange Juice Aka OJ by HecklingHyena
Meet is OJ (Orange Juice). He is rugged and mean. He lost the firmness in his left ear in a fight with a neighboring dog gang (at least that's what he tells people). He and his pals looked better than them afterward though so no worries. He generally minds his own business and is just a passer by, but every now and then enjoys a relaxing day on the fort out back basking in the sun, or a visit under the back porch.

Cheesy Poof by HecklingHyena
Meet Poofy (Cheesy Poof). He is a old loner and a seasoned traveler. He can be spotted drinking from the pool two houses down, or laying on the deck of the next door neighbors, neither of which are his actual homes (He probably thinks they are due to his onset Alzheimer). He rarely visits under the deck, usually opting for the hole in the fence, but does enjoy chasing the female duck that thinks our pool is her home.

Turtle by HecklingHyena
Meet Turtle (AKA Arrow due to his markings). He is part of OJ's gang. He is the scrappiest, but not scrawniest member of the group. He frequents under the deck, and leaves a wonderful smell behind where ever he goes. On top of that he has woken the household up multiple nights in a row because of his brawls. Rumor has it, he was the one who actually took OJ's ear off in a violent attempt to overthrow the orange leader and take the crew for himself (but they say it was a dog fight). He is jealous of the successful business our cat has created and looks to sabotage Kyo at any possible moment. He is untrustworthy and one should be suspicious. He can be seen pooping in my garden, or climbing the fence in the back. Do not approach, will claw, bite, and attack if cornered.

Two of the Trouble Trio
Turtle and OJ by HecklingHyena
OJ and Turtle conspiring with their third gang member, not seen in this photo. Trouble Trio is what they are referred to. Be cautious.

More will be updated when I get photos of them...

Isn't it crazy this many cats chill around my house? :faint:
And for all those responsible people out there... I know I know, I will stop procrastinating...:typerhappy:
So, I submitted a photograph to a group, and it was declined because it looked "almost identical" to an image already in the group... However, the similar image it looked like was not even my photo. (Photos are below and in my opinion the only thing similar is the fact its a peacock and its feathers are fanned).

So they basically said, because my pose of an animal was similar to another accepted photo it was declined. I don't think that's very fair. I could understand if both the photos were mine, but basically first come-first submit-others declined seems asinine.

On top of that... I being miffed as I am, went into their gallery and it is not the case with animals such the Big Cats where there are several images that could be perceived as "similar."

Can't Touch This by cindy1701d Vs. Peacock.1. by HecklingHyena
(I'm in no way miffed at you Cindy. I think your peacock picture is beautiful.)

Sorry for the random rant. Just feel a little hated on.

I know its the group's right (I love this group) and I respect that, and they were very nice about it and ultimately it is their decision regardless of what I think or how I feel, but I just disagree with this reasoning and was wondering your thoughts.

I'll probably delete this journal in an hour when I cool down. :rofl:
Hello Everyone!

Happy Monday :happybounce: (complete sarcasm)... I hope everyone is doing well.

So anyways, I've been stocking up since I have been so busy so this is a large feature. These beautiful photos caught my eye, as always.

:+fav: away and check out their galleries! They are some wonderful photographers! Worth faving, watching, and viewing.

If you like the art feature be sure to :+fav: the article to help it get some exposure <3

Hello Everyone!

I'm pretty excited. The recent photos I uploaded into my gallery have gotten tons of attention (compared to normal) I had almost 200 :+fav:s on one photo ( in a couple days :faint: Impressive for me. :happybounce:

So anyways, I've been stocking up since I have been so busy so this is a large feature. These beautiful photos caught my eye, as always.

:+fav: away and check out their galleries! They are some wonderful photographers! Worth faving, watching, and viewing.

If you like the art feature be sure to :+fav: the article to help it get some exposure <3

Pleasurably by wind-princess :thumb193714393: Spectacled Owl by ribbonworm
little lawn mower by anivelee :thumb286182789: Haliaeetus albicilla by jjbeggar Look up by Tienna
Sumatran Tiger 9 by Mkatpro11 Dolphin Encounter by manaphoto
:thumb258580102: Bear by Lieh Erkanmatik_2012_04 by ErkanKalenderli I see I have your attention... by robbobert
Peek-a-boo by Nikki-vdp It's mine by lordfreedom
Reticulatus by laharjinggamurka rosy flamingo by Bormi black black black by formylittleprince

Reflecting Eyes by cindy1701d the sad basset by Ksuksa-Raykova Angry Bird by HamidQureshi

Tiny falcon poof by DeeOtter Oh no you didn't by Tienna Moon jellyfish by Sabbie89 0122 by Aennione
:thumb286733529: :thumb271686575: Clouded leopard by BlackIce-Wolf Evil mastermind by MJWallace

little thought by sourissou :thumb287035851: magic by AlenaSkazka

Mature Content

windfall by ambientgray

The leap by ColeLovesYew pain, sadness by DoubleRainbowTM
kx148 by metindemiralay paradise by thebestfeeling seh7 by gk08 Forgive but not forget by Feliciaasj
:thumb288347176: Trf. by Essensart 987 by dargeg :thumb287275881:
... by Miaist :thumb287311287: satisfy my soul by Katja-Pandjang

Cleopatra is still alive! by VerityVian Reflection II by Matus201 Choose your last words.. by demolition13lover

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Hello Everyone!

I'm having a pretty good day. Decided to end it with some glorious photos! :happybounce:

These beautiful photos caught my eye.
:+fav: away and check out their galleries! They are some wonderful photographers! Worth faving, watching, and viewing.

If you like the art feature be sure to :+fav: the article to help it get some exposure <3

Also, if you have photographs that you've taken, especially older ones that have not received a lot of attention I'd love to see them. Note me with thumbs or links! They could result in a feature and at the very least a couple :+fav:s!

Daigo by Flamewalker :thumb286602675:
a look to the sky by AnjaSchlegelmilch Water Vole 03 by Alannah-Hawker
use of tail by kumarvijay1708 Sleepy Sea Lions by StevenDavisPhoto Autumn Serval by FantasticFennec :thumb286511499:
^_^ by JellyBearR Eagle-owl by DanaAnderson

Alain by AnyaSmaga
:thumb281795398: Back to the earth v.5 by bwaworga

Mature Content

extravaganza by AlexKPhoto
:thumb286593852: :thumb286694370:
someone like you by cherryperrie COCO by bogdandediu :thumb286583500:
:thumb286606070: lady by zaraz-wracam Shelby by HerBeautifulDeath
Beauty by NatashaSmithPhoto With my headphones on by AnthonyFPhotography Portfolio by aufzehengehen

November Fog by Sasa-Van-Goth Daisies by nairafee
Daisies by illumina-light Nochmal Bluemchen 1 by feigenfrucht
feel the spring by Orwald Without a word. by Anoya tempest in your soul by mj-magic
.light. by awphotoart :thumb286412447:
Star by FreyaPhotos Rewarded Patience by MarkLucey

Previous Features:…………

Hello Everyone!

YEY for February Break! :happybounce:

These beautiful photos caught my eye.
:+fav: away and check out their galleries! They are some wonderful photographers!

If you like the art feature be sure to :+fav: the article to help it get some exposure <3

Give me a hug I'm back by Jamie-MacArthur:thumb285761107:
Razor Teeth by Khalliysgraphy
chat by serhatdemirogluBrothers in arms by Sabbie89Ural owl. by Evey-Eyes
European Stonechat by Jamie-MacArthur

dallarin... by mavibeyazSnowy 7 by Miloenatic:thumb285752460:
49.365 by Lady-RoLow by glowingkitten

Photography by AngieAvadaKedavraSmall things by GretaTuWaiting for You by Prison-of-mirrors
:thumb284685339:empathie by anninops
Eliminate the space between us by Luna-KaramelVera by m-petrov
Simply Smile by LinnsanBBrynja by vejitatoja0090 by tristan69Little Cute Thing by Boesy

Sweetness by Leafbreeze7
Simple by HeartSquaredfireball by ildiko-neer
:thumb284272557:Bad Schmiedeberg 09 by MatthiasHaltenhofConverse by zeynepirene
.:EC1-9:. by EdhelamarthFind Home by greenday862

Previous Features:………

My photo Curious by HecklingHyena is up for Photo of the Week in the group Zoo-photographers
There is a poll on their page. I'm just so honored to even be considered!
:love: I love you my supporters!
Even if I don't win I'm glad my photo is grouped with such stunning photographs!
Hello Everyone!

I'm so glad it is the weekend. To procrastinate my lesson planning I decided to do another feature (sensing a trend anyone?) :happybounce:

These beautiful photos caught my eye.
:+fav: away and check out their galleries! They are some wonderful photographers!

If you like the feature be sure to :+fav: the article to help it get some exposure <3

:thumb284312509: 11202 by zeynepirene young owl by Yair-Leibovich Coasting in Golden Light by Fail-Avenger
Pelican by CamelowWw Lashes II by JonShotFirst Cheese-eater by szczurasy
Look at me by zeynepirene Peek-a-Boo by ripster47 puppy by FairyCat60s

Andrea by kubost Still Life by Monix15 Flowood - Comission - personal editing tests I by SeaFairy
Tranquility by maryfairie :thumb284432737: MELANCHOLIA V by sidoAndYo
Reborn by BleachSamui97 why do all good things come to an end by Insomniasp .:En.Face:. by Edhelamarth

.:4 soft:. by ninazdesign :thumb284442187: Delicate Moment from the past by DedeAdrien
IMGP5936 web by picdude2009 a little something I by arthika The Field Of Dreams by MarcoHeisler

Previous Features:……